Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving - Can We Do It Twice A Year?

Thanksgiving Day.  My Turkey Day memory as a child is my Mother mixing lots of ingredients into a green glass bowl to make our stuffing.  I know there were several blue and white packages of bread crumbs.  I remember the celery (I don't really like celery).  I'm sure there were some eggs and maybe some milk.  All of these ingredients (and things I don't remember) got mixed into a wet, gooey paste that would magically turn into stuffing in a few hours.

The stuffing was split evenly between the inside of the turkey and several 9" x 9" pans.  I wanted nothing to do with the pans - but I couldn't wait to get my hands inside that bird.  Better yet - when the stuffing job was done.  I was allowed to clean out the bowl and eat the raw stuffing.  In hind sight, it's a good thing that raw stuffing didn't end my time on earth.  I guess that after all of the raw hot dogs, raw country ham, Spam, Treat and other things I now consider inedible - my system wasn't shocked by a little raw stuffing!

Finally, the turkey went in the oven and baked for what seemed like an entire day!  Once the raw stuffing was eaten and the bird was in the over, it was off to the television for parades and football.  Neither would hold my interest for too long - but it was part of the tradition.  One that I try to adhere to, even today.  It's just a special time and it should be savored and appreciated.

So, here's my thought for the day.  Why can't we do Thanksgiving more than once a year?  I'm not talking about a smaller version.  I'm talking about the full-blown version, were you take the time to make the stuffing from scratch and get out the good china?  Would it be okay with you if we waited 6-months and did it all again?  I'm sure the turkey farmers will vote for it.  Everyone that works will be happy to have another 4-day weekend.  Merchants will be thrilled to roll out another sale weekend.  But most importantly, we will have another special day with our families and friends.  We can stop for a just a few hours to talk and enjoy each other.  

After all these years, I still remember the green glass bowl.  Wouldn't we all benefit from some more memories that last a lifetime?

I vote for another Turkey Day.  I hope you'll join me!


PS - If you don't have the memories - make them!