Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's All About The Pants!

There are good weekends and great weekends. If you are a fan of Blues music, this is a great weekend to live in Clearwater, Florida! Friday night started with Mike Zito and Tab Benoit. I have followed Tab all over North America, so it’s a real treat to have him come to my neighborhood. Tab was the Friday headliner and he didn’t disappoint. I’m still amazed that performers like Tab don’t get more commercial attention.

On Saturday, the show starts mid-afternoon and goes until late in the evening. For the day, there were two acts that I wanted to see. The first was Chris Duarte. I have some of his music and he’s a great musician. Chris did not disappoint. I have to admit, there were times that I found myself paying less attention to the music and more to the psychedelic pants that Chris was wearing!  Chris was playing loud - but the pants were louder!  I would love to know if you get the pants on the first day you decide to become a blues musician - or if they come later in your career??  Either way, he rocks!

After Chris Duarte finished-up, it was time for Robert Cray. Robert was. . . . . . . well . . . . . . Robert was mellow. He did what he does, but there were no cool pants. There was no “too big” necklace with a huge rock on it. There was no Asian looking base player. There was no “Mr. Meoggi” 2nd guitar player. Nope – there was Robert Cray, standing stiffly behind the mike, singing his songs. I missed the announcements, but before I arrived, it had been made clear that Mr. Cray would only allow pictures during the first two songs. Just to be sure, there was a guy with no neck to walk around and glare at the fans.

Robert played well – but the response was tepid compared to Friday night and the response for Chris Duarte. I’m guessing that Robert Cray is the tortured artist that feels he’s not understood by the masses. I think Robert needs fun pants, a smile and to dump the guy with no neck!