Monday, January 19, 2009

Good Idea? Maybe Not!

I've been lucky enough to meet several people that run in or compete in all sorts of endurance events.  From half-marthons to full Triathlons, it's a group that I look up to.  To me, there's something special about those people that have the disipline and desire to put that type of commitment on themselves.  They are very special people.

So, over the weekend, I got the bright idea that I want to be special too.  Not the type of "special" my Mom thinks I am.  No, the sweaty - distant look of a special athlete.  Sounds sexy already (admit it).  So, I started my first day of triathlon training with my usual Diet Coke and Zone bar.  Not perfect, but better than a Bloody Mary and waffles!

Lunch was a bit of a disappointment with a couple of Chili Cheese Dogs finding their way onto my plate.  I consider this a moral victory, as I didn't get the foot long dogs.  

So, evening comes and it's time to hit the treadmill to start some cardio training.  First problem - no pocket for my trusty Ipod.  No worries, I'll just hold it.  Then it goes down hill - the gym is locked and my key won't even go in the door.  

Being a steely eyed athlete - I won't be stopped!  I grab my water and start "jogging" into the ghetto that surrounds my condo.  No worries - it's MLK Day and everyone is already too drunk to chase the white guy!  I should mention (in the interest of editorial honesty) that the word "jogging" grossly overstates my activity!  Think of an overweight penguin wobbling with a limp.  Yep, that's my steely-eyed athletic gait.  No style points for the Kenman!

So, I lived through it!  First night, 1.6 miles at a blistering pace of 13.42 / mile.  It's terrible - but I did it and it will get better.  I think tomorrow will be a bike day - or maybe I can get the dang door open to the gym.  

That's day 1 - wish me luck!

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