Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yep, I’m Inspired!

My last post came a few days after a somewhat disappointing race and the onset of some mysterious bug.  I think it would be safe to say that I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!  So, here I am a week later with a much better disposition about my training. 

This weekend I was invited to do a training ride with a fellow St. Pete Mad Dog.  Hartley Mellish is training for Florida Ironman in a couple of months and was looking for someone to do some long rides with.  We met at the Suncoast Trail at 7:00 and started preparing for several hours on our bikes.  I should note that I’ve met Hartley a few times – but really don’t know him.  My first indication that we would have a good day was when I looked at his bike.  I’m a techno-geek!  I love gadgets and electronics as much as anyone.  Or as much as anyone – until I saw Hartley’s Cervelo!

I’m not sure if I will get this all correct, but he strapped a Timex heart rate monitor on and hit some buttons on the Timex watch on his handlebars.  Next, he switched on his power meter.  I’ve never used a power meter, so I was feeling a little under-tech’d!  Making matters worse, he mentioned that he would have to wear three heart monitors if he was going to grab data for his Garmin 405.  Since that would be too many straps – no Garmin today!

The ride turned out to be about 60 miles.  We went at a comfortable pace of about 16 mph.  With breaks, we were a little over 4 hours and it was a great time!  You learn about someone when you peddle next to them for that long.  Hartley has entered six Ironman events and finished 4 – since turning 65 years of age!  That’s not a typo.  Hartley is 69 and is looking forward to his next birthday so he can race in the 70 – 74 age group.  He will have a better chance of earning podium finishes when he’s the young guy in the group!

When we finished our ride, I went for a quick 2-mile run.  It had gotten hot – so 2 miles felt like enough.  I ran a better pace after 60 miles with Hartley than I ran last week in the Sand Key triathlon.  I guess there are all sorts of things we can do when we have someone to inspire us! 

Hartley – Thanks for being an inspiration!  Looking forward to our next ride!

Take care my friends!



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  1. Sorry we missed you at the "trail". We did a mini tri in the hood and our ride did take us up to Lutz Lake Fern portion of the "trail" around 8ish on Sunday. Maybe you saw two strange guys on Cervelos.

    You need to email me his phone number or email. He can join us at our blogland party Wednesday night in Panama City before IMFL.

    Too much stuff to keep up with if you go techie. Through the training rides you learn what your body can take... no need for gadgets.