Monday, August 3, 2009

A Quick Update

As planned, I was ready and waiting to post my entry at noon today. It was a strange experience - I was actually nervous as I went through the process of completing my entry. I'm not sure if it was my brain trying to get me to think through this one more time, or maybe just excitement as I thought about what the future holds. Whatever it was, I'm registered and committed!

When I got home this afternoon, I jumped on the scale to check my weight and body composition. I'm pleased to say that I'm down to 235 pounds. Better yet, for the first time EVER, my body fat percentage was in the teens. To be exact, it was 19.8%!

I was so juiced by the new low number that I jumped off the scale and grabbed my cell phone to snap a picture of the readout. I got back on the scale, let it do its job and the number popped up at 20.2%. I guess the lesson is that kharma doesn't like to be photographed!

With my new low weight and the motivation from a goal in May - I headed out into the 92 degree heat for a run. It was slow - but I covered a little over 6 miles, which is my longest run ever! If the next 284 days go as well as today I won't have to worry about finishing last!

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  1. Thanks for joining my site. Hope you continue on your triathlon journey. The last two years have transformed me from "Oh well, I guess I am now too old for IM distance" to "What the h*ll, let's do an Ironman a year (or more)"